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Limmer Education‘s mission is to help students pass the NREMT. We do this by using high quality, clinically accurate, and educationally sound products written by leading national educators.

The key to differentiating abdominal pain is to utilize as many assessment tools as possible
Show off your expertise at assessing and treating narcotics overdose
Paying attention to common eponyms discovered during a patient assessment and their associated pathology can identify a patient’s most critical needs
Students need to feel challenged, and making them think is a win-win
We can add “passionate” into our wish list in EMS educators, but can we demand it? Can we measure it?
Dos and don’ts, and the signs and symptoms you may encounter in managing snakebites
Improve students’ patient assessment, priorities, thinking and diagnosis
Tips for class exam response length, style and distractors to mirror NREMT
How young patients’ unique anatomy and physiology impact trauma assessment and management
An easy patient assessment activity you can incorporate in any classroom