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Narcotics overdose: Test your knowledge

Show off your expertise at assessing and treating narcotics overdose

Editor’s Note: The EMS1 Academy features “Opioid Crisis: Protecting Our First Responders,” a one-hour accredited course covering proper identification of the various opioids, signs and symptoms of exposure, and immediate life-saving measures to be employed in the event of exposure, critical to patient and provider safety. Visit the EMS1 Academy to learn more and schedule a demo.

EMS providers are on the front lines of an opioid epidemic in the United States. The causes and the consequences of the epidemic have entered the national news and political conversation. Have you become an expert at assessing narcotics overdose and administering naloxone? Show off your knowledge of narcotics overdose by taking this 10-question quiz.

How did you do? Make sure to share your results and challenge your EMS colleagues to match or beat your score.

Next quiz: How well do you know heads-up CPR?

This article, originally published in March 2016, has been updated.

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