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Quiz: How well do you know heads-up CPR?

Challenge yourself with these 10 questions to learn more about ACE-CPR or test to see how much you already know

By EMS1 Staff

Heads-up CPR elevates the patient’s head and thorax during cardiac arrest resuscitation. Animal studies have shown benefits to heads-up CPR and some EMS systems are already using heads-up CPR, also known as automated controlled elevation of the head and thorax CPR (ACE-CPR), for adult cardiac arrest patients. Research on ACE-CPR use on human patients is leading to a robust discussion in the EMS community about ACE-CPR, its efficacy and if or when it should become the standard of care for cardiac arrest resuscitation.

Take this 10-question quiz to learn more about ACE-CPR or challenge yourself to see how much you already know.


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