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EMS1 Quizzes offer a dynamic way to test your expertise on a wide range of topics relevant to EMS, from medical procedures and pharmacology to the pivotal moments in EMS history. They also delve into the culture and lifestyle of paramedics and EMTs, including media representations and popular culture. Engage with these quizzes to gauge your knowledge level or integrate them into training programs for both educational enrichment and a bit of fun.

Put your trauma care knowledge to the test on trauma terminology and assessment
Clinicians should be aware of how ventricular-assist devices work and what distress signs to look for in patients
Check your knowledge of carbon monoxide poisoning causes, symptoms and protective strategies on scene
Understanding these fractures is vital for providing effective patient care and making informed treatment and transport decisions
Show off your expertise at assessing and treating narcotics overdose
From vocal cords to alveoli, and mmHg to Lpm: Test your airway knowledge
Master seizure thresholds, classification and treatment approaches
Put your rales, rhonchi and stridor expertise to the test
Challenge your expertise on stroke, seizures, shock and more
Challenge yourself with these 10 questions to learn more about ACE-CPR or test to see how much you already know
Nine interactive scenarios designed to enhance your understanding of seizures, strokes and common acute patient presentations
What you think might be good for you could have hidden surprises
Have you had the chance to utilize TXA in the field? Learn more about the practice and test your knowledge
Pediatric patients are not tiny adults; refresh your knowledge of pediatric blunt trauma and take a quiz to check your knowledge
Test your knowledge of intra-axial injuries, central herniation, subarachnoid hemorrhage and more