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Pain Management

Learn what to look for and how to advocate for elderly patients who may be much sicker than they appear
How is your agency faring on these important metrics?
Nitroglycerin or “Nitro” is a commonly encountered medication for EMS, but it may not work the way you think or do what you think it does
Syracuse firefighters said they saw so many people on the scene that it was tough to tell who was a victim
Mount Desert Island Search and Rescue personnel responded to injured hikers in Acadia National Park
A Brevard County spokesperson said the woman was struck “through the leg” by the umbrella
Abbott EMS personnel faced a man who had both legs amputated after being run over by train
Incident at Kings Island Central theme park in Mason began when the patient entered a restricted area to get his keys
Part of a large tree fell onto a cabin in Oceana County, trapping the counselor in her bed
A teen hiking in the Spanish Fork Canyon area was trapped when a boulder fell on top of him, breaking his leg
Three people were injured, two critically when a hot air balloon came near power lines in Lowell
Case New Holland workers were removing a chain that became stuck in the forklift
Portland Fire Rescue said the person survived after possibly coming in contact with a 57,000-volt power line
Salem firefighters were alerted to an explosion and fire at the Tomo Japanese Steakhouse
The Riker’s Island captain suffered burns when her BWC suddenly ignited
Patients in the Pilot Point explosion suffered varying degrees of burns
Use this guide to determine when to activate air EMS and transport to a level 1 burn center
OPQRST is an important part of patient assessment and the start of a conversation with the patient about their pain complaint
Follow these tips when responding to a patient with a suspected hip fracture
Paulding County first responders faced a worker buried up to his neck in a 20-foot deep trench
“Before you trade in your morphine for ketamine, the adverse events need to be discussed”
Assess abdominal pain in 5 seconds or less with Steve Whitehead
The key to differentiating abdominal pain is to utilize as many assessment tools as possible
Gasoline was poured into a fire pit after the fire did not ignite as expected
Vallejo first responders successfully removed the man from the fence spike
A coordinated effort involving several departments saved a construction worker pinned by a foundation collapse
A red-flag approach to identifying true emergencies and treating patients with compassion
“Management of crush syndrome has to start in the rubble, in the hole, under the car, in the subway; treatment starts there.”
Goose Creek Fire Department has added nitrous oxide/oxygen systems to its scope of pain management