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Patient Handling

The patient handling topic contains the latest news, information, education and training tips for EMTs and paramedics related to lifting and moving patients.

If children aren’t properly restrained in the back of your ambulance, it puts everyone at risk
If you’re embracing power devices to help move patients, don’t skip the first step
How to use the lost art of auscultatory percussion to evaluate suspected long bone fractures
Former Aurora Paramedic Peter Cichuniec was sentenced to the mandatory minimum of five years in prison
Workers in Raleigh were on top of the deck when it collapsed
Newport News first responders had not followed protocols and incorrectly declared Quandrell Williams dead
A 12-year-old boy was trapped while digging a hole at Silver Lake dunes
The dog traveled nearly four miles to the campsite where the victim’s family was staying
The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has approved the use of the KangooFix and oxytocin
New insight into the latest technology
A Deschutes County deputy was one of at least three people injured when a bull jumped out of the ring at the Sisters Rodeo
The pilot radioed he had engine problems shortly before trying to land on a street in Arvada
Nine patients were injured by gunfire in the downtown Madison shooting
Several people were injured, some trapped in portable toilets at the Topsham Fairgrounds
The temperature outside the event soared past 100 degrees Fahrenheit
Two patients were flown to hospitals after a tree branch broke off and entered the passenger compartment during the crash
Heatstroke treatment has made ice and human-sized immersion bags standard equipment for fire department vehicles
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue medics transported 22 patients due to a CO leak from a water heater
Falck USA filed notice alleging errors in evaluation criteria
It took Dayton firefighters approximately 90 minutes to extricate the woman
Donna Eiden said she and her husband were sleeping inside the bus when it began to roll down the street crashing into signs, pole
New graphics, a CT scanner and equipment for testing and treatment have been added to Houston’s Mobile Stroke Unit
Contracts for Maui and Kauai include a quality assurance coordinator and a pediatric emergency care coordinator
Akron authorities stated dozens of victims had been transported to local hospitals
Allegheny County police stated an altercation took place inside a Penn Hills bar and several people opened fire
HEMSI stated it will not appeal the decision on the 2019 incident
Case New Holland workers were removing a chain that became stuck in the forklift
Legislation includes a protocol checklist for treating patients in their homes instead of being transported to an emergency department
Sick workers arrived at the Sunnyside hospital after being exposed to low levels of radiation