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Patient Handling

The patient handling topic contains the latest news, information, education and training tips for EMTs and paramedics related to lifting and moving patients.

How to use the lost art of auscultatory percussion to evaluate suspected long bone fractures
Breaking down some light-hearted and professionally-serious tips to start and build a successful career in EMS
Follow these tips when responding to a patient with a suspected hip fracture
The patient fell 40 feet at the Great Falls in Salisbury
Tualatin Valley firefighters had to stabilize several vehicles during two separate extrications
Adair County Health System had set up a triage center at the Greenfield high school after much of town was destroyed
Two Catskill EMS employees have resigned after a doorbell video showed their treatment of a patient who had fallen inside an ambulance
Recommendations first made in 1995 explained keeping someone on their chest in prone restraint can dangerously restrict breathing
First responders in Waterford were initially dispatched for a person injured in a fall
Portland Fire Rescue said the person survived after possibly coming in contact with a 57,000-volt power line
Overland Park firefighters faced a worker buried up to his waist 15 feet below the ground
A bus carrying farm workers overturned after it collided with a truck in Marion County
Crash in Woodland left the driver pinned under the steering wheel while diesel fuel and fresh concrete spilled onto the road
One teen was critically injured after falling 30 feet inside the intercontinental ballistic missile silo in Arapahoe County
The bus driver lost control and struck a guardrail on I-95 in Harford County
Investigators determined officers in the ambulance were observers and medics were in charge
Independent pathologist concluded that the bruises on Jameek Lowery’s face, fractures to his fingers were the result of “blunt force trauma”
LAFD said 16 patients were transported, 37 were treated on the scene
At least 94 people died after they were given sedatives and restrained by police from 2012 through 2021, according to the Associated Press
An AP investigation shows how a strategy intended to reduce violence and save lives has resulted in avoidable deaths
Students at Respond Right EMS Academy had just learned about seizures when hours later, their instructor began convulsing, leading them to put their newly learned skills to the test
Trooper Lewis Johnson was a familiar face to the A.L.E.R.T. air ambulance crew and now he was their patient
Paramedics placed a backboard on the victim and an officer sat on it while they tried to restrain him
The California Highway Patrol said multiple passengers were ejected in the crash
Independent autopsy of Jameek Lowery counters the state’s cause of death due to cardiac arrest while under the influence of bath salts
Catoosa County officials believe the man might have been trapped for more than a day
Coroner’s report states Reginal Payne suffered cardiac arrest after being restrained face down, in the prone position
Fire, EMS crews in Whitman faced an unusual rescue
Escambia County firefighters extricated the driver and two occupants of the house