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Patient Handling

The patient handling topic contains the latest news, information, education and training tips for EMTs and paramedics related to lifting and moving patients.

Follow these tips when responding to a patient with a suspected hip fracture
As an essential piece of personal protective equipment, you want to make sure gloves fit well, are durable, and are readily available
How I explained response speed to the question “why don’t you run to the patient?” from an EMT student
Fire, EMS crews in Whitman faced an unusual rescue
Escambia County firefighters extricated the driver and two occupants of the house
The term has been banned from EMS training with the exception to describe its historical usage
Members of the University of South Carolina’s Sigma Phi Epsilon were traveling to New Orleans when the bus hit a concrete barrier
Medway discontinued use of the ambulance service after the patient was forced to walk an “unreasonable distance” to the ambulance
LifeStar Ambulance Service Jacksonville responds to at least 10 lift assist calls a week, most being “no-contact medical alarms”
The DeLand Police Department said the two slammed into each other resulting in “a hard landing”
Paulding County first responders faced a worker buried up to his neck in a 20-foot deep trench
Wind blew the hot-air balloon into power lines near a Rochester highway
10 medical stations were in place along the 26.2-mile course
Birmingham firefighters worked to rescue the driver from under the beam, estimated to weigh 60,000 pounds
First responders in Aurora treated patients ranged in age from 1 month to 31 years old
San Diego Fire-Rescue personnel transported 10 people suffering moderate injuries
Expert perspectives on improving patient outcomes
Gila Bend Paramedic Cody Jordan was critically injured when the cab unexpectedly fell on him
Decatur City Council ordinance comes after increased fire department calls to assisted-living facilities, nursing homes
Colorado Springs Paramedic Nicholas Fisher tackled Dizmang and placed him in a headlock
EMT Robert Molesk said he felt intimidated by Erie County deputies when treating Robert A. Metcalf Jr.
A rope rescue system was used to raise a Fontana woman from an old septic tank 25 feet below the ground
The Phoenix Fire Department is investigating the death of a patient reportedly dropped by firefighters.
PG&E had to secure power lines before Santa Clara County firefighters could begin extricating the patient
Doctors had told the hunter’s family that he may not walk again
A rope rescue system was setup to retrieve a Colorado Springs worker that suffered a medical emergency and fell
After Joey Zeman fell on the ice, he found his pliers in an odd place
Washington lawmakers follow other states pushing for reform in restraint techniques after the in-custody death of Manuel Ellis
The new ambulances, designed to be lightweight, come equipped with a powered trolley bed system and a powered carry chair for patient transport