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Megan A. Mason, MPH, NRP, FFII

My patient is on what? A review of commonly encountered patient medications

Understanding the medications your patients are taking is crucial for providing effective and safe prehospital care. This series aims to equip paramedics with essential knowledge about the medications they frequently encounter. This series will delve into the roles, mechanisms, contraindications, risks and common forms of various drugs. By enhancing your understanding of these medications, you can better anticipate their effects, manage potential complications, and communicate more effectively with patients and other healthcare providers.

Megan A. Mason, MPH, NRP, FFII, is a firefighter/paramedic and EMS educator in rural Western Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Health Science from La Roche University and a Master of Public Health from Kent State University, where she focused on the intersection of public health and paramedicine. Currently, her focus is on improving the quality of education available to rural EMS providers, as well as community education focusing on CPR, first aid, and stop the bleed in rural areas.

Mechanisms, roles and potential risk: What medics need to know about aspirin