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Infectious Diseases

The Infectious diseases topic features the latest news, guidelines, education, EMS training and tips related to infection control and EMS role in prevention the transmission of and caring for patients with infectious diseases.

As the population ages and healthcare needs surge, EMS is evolving beyond emergencies to provide critical support through body cavity access devices and expanded care procedures
As an essential piece of personal protective equipment, you want to make sure gloves fit well, are durable, and are readily available
Learn how leprosy presents in patients and how providers can protect themselves when treating someone suffering from the condition
The new cases bring the U.S. total to nine since the first human case of the current outbreak was detected in 2022
Providence hospital officials said an an anesthesiologist who may not have followed infection control practices
Update your understanding of the role of antibiotics, fluid administration and coordination of clinical care
The report released Monday faults planning, communication and decision-making before and during the pandemic in 2020
The Lucira COVID-19 & Flu Home Test can differentiate and detect influenza A and B
Industry-leading distributor proudly brings necessary decontamination technology to first responders, hospitals, private transportation companies, volunteer organizations and more
The authority of Maine EMS to require COVID-19 and flu vaccinations is challenged in the high court
Researchers, clinicians at UC San Diego Health used “COMPOSER” with over 100,000 digital records of sepsis patients, to calculate a lower mortality rate
Officials identify several reasons for patient surge in Oahu emergency departments
The policy states that anyone who provides treatment before the patient arrives at the hospital must wear a surgical mask
States have been reporting an increase in flu, COVID-19 infections before Christmas
At least 15 states have trashed PPE because of expiration, surpluses and a lack of willing takers
Emergency departments in Fresno are experiencing a surge of patients with COVID-19, RSV and influenza
Advancements in mask technology and customization drive growth in protective masks for healthcare workers and emergency responders
Contra Costa Health officials say water and swab samples from a Richmond spa contained high levels of legionella bacteria
A recent report by the agency found that Central Florida accounts for nearly 20% of all cases in the country
Human metapneumovirus has many of the same symptoms as COVID and RSV
Analysts found that the work done after the 2017 hepatitis A outbreak prepared the county
Some experts are concerned that the loss of virus information will make Americans more vulnerable
U.S. EMS agencies have been ordering options that make rigs safer and more comfortable for providers and patients
The World Health Organization said it’s time to transition to long-term management of the pandemic
The public health emergency is set to expire in a month
Disaster medicine expert Dr. Alex Isakov weighs in on infectious diseases on the horizon
Long-term care facilities are at risk of becoming hotbeds of growth for the fungus that is rapidly spreading across the United States
Tests have found polio virus in New York counties with low vaccination rates
The GO2VENT by Vortran is a gas-powered device worth considering for disaster plans