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Rural EMS

Our cohosts discuss EMS funding, volunteerism and what’s needed to make way for growth
KG shares his motivation in making a career change and how to avoid burning bridges
Priority would be given to applicants whose proposals will expand coverage, improve response times, and help organizations provide medical transport and services
A vacuum truck was used to help rescue a man almost completely buried in corn inside the Henryville grain bin
“We have upped salaries. We’ve recruited. Nobody wants to do it as much as they did,” said John Smith, the director of operations at Gold Cross
If passed, the bill would establish a pilot grant program for EMS preparedness and workforce retention, allocating 20% of the grants to rural EMS agencies
As the National Guard helicopter was shuttling gifts to children in a rural town, the pilots shifted focus and added two paramedics to the flight to get them to a patient in another nearby town
The City of Palmview will pay the county $10 a month for the use of the ambulance, which will be added to three already in the city’s inventory
Bipartisan group says plan could eliminate access for veterans, cause some air services to close
Buchanan County first responders conducted a search after the farmer’s wife was unable to find him
Arcadia first responders had to extricate the man from the combine
A 73-year-old woman was flown to a hospital after being attacked in the Flathead National Forest
Quick Response Unit volunteers work on recruitment as call volume increases
Travis Muller was cleaning out the bin when he became caught in the power sweep auger
Erie County has purchased five ambulances to backup existing services in five towns