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CDC issues Health Advisory Network Health Advisory, for healthcare workers to be aware of the Ebola outbreak
With the U.S. now leading the world in monkeypox cases, providers should be aware of the symptoms and how to properly treat patients
Boston-based Cataldo Ambulance’s Ron Quaranto discusses leading a large EMS organization through the pandemic, recruitment and retention, and vaccine mandates
The authority of Maine EMS to require COVID-19 and flu vaccinations is challenged in the high court
Tests have found polio virus in New York counties with low vaccination rates
The updated schedule also describes when additional doses of the MMR vaccine or a one-time polio vaccine booster would be recommended
Members who were previously terminated over the rule have the option to reapply for a position at the department
Vaccine costs are expected to rise, free at-home tests will end, and hospitals will no longer get extra payments for treating COVID-19 patients
“COVID was the ultimate bully. It bullied every other virus for two years,” said Dr. Mark Griffiths. As COVID-19 rates go down, “they’re coming back full force”
The hope is that the bivalent shots will thwart another winter surge
The mandate, lifted Tuesday, is being dropped now because the omicron subvariant BA.5 has become dominant, the county’s public health officer said
Over 15,000 cases have been confirmed, and five pediatric cases have been reported, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Federal money and other resources to fight the virus will be made available
The proclamations allow emergency medical personnel to administer vaccines to qualifying individuals
The CDC will issue its recommendation on vaccine administration after an upcoming vote
Officials are considering whether a vaccine should be offered to healthcare workers who treat patients with monkeypox
The CDC will decide whether to formally recommend the booster for this age group
Fully vaccinated responders will receive $500 in addition to the bonus for working during the pandemic
David Hodges pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge; his sentence includes probation and a $1,300 fine
A coalition of unions sued to block the mass firings, but a judge ruled in favor of the city Thursday
The CDC is expected to make a ruling on the authorization later in the week
Small antibody-like proteins known as VNARs will not be immediately available as a treatment, but they could help prepare for future coronavirus outbreaks
The COVID-19 winter strategy also includes sending 500 million free COVID-19 rapid tests to Americans starting in January
Cebollero and Bashoor discuss staffing storages, apparatus and ambulance safety, the COVID-19 vaccines, ET3 and telehealth, the use of ketamine, and much more
Review the major milestones associated with initial vaccine rollout, clinic scale-ups, and the race to determine the efficacy of vaccines on new variants
One year later: I’m thankful for vaccinated EMTs and paramedics and their willingness to serve others with compassion and empathy
Preliminary findings are that two doses may not be strong enough to prevent infection, but a third shot increased people’s antibody levels
From Operation Warp Speed to debate over vaccine rollout, efficacy and immunity impacts
The infected individual had recently returned from South Africa and was fully vaccinated but had not received a booster shot and was experiencing “mild symptoms,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci