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A new year traditionally brings about plans for a fresh start – new goals and a reset on practices that aren’t bringing about the future we envision. As we move into 2021, however, the challenges of the past have not been left behind us. Civil unrest in the nation’s capital, rising COVID-19 infection rates and already overtaxed budgets mean our goals have not changed, but the stakes have risen.   

What are the goals you will focus on for 2021? What is important to your organization, and to your people?As Catherine Counts, PHD, MHA, health services researcher, Seattle Medic One, University of Washington School of Medicine noted in an EMS1 Roundtable, "Listen to your people. The pandemic has required leaders to be more nimble than ever before as our day-to-day understanding of the virus evolves. Being a leader means that your followers are willing to trust you in this world of moving goal posts. This is only possible if they feel their concerns and fears are being heard and acknowledged."

What is the one goal you will work towards in 2021? Answer the short form below to share your thoughts and your response will be considered for inclusion in a future EMS1 article. 

What is the one goal for your agency you will work towards this year?

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