Dr. Joe Ryan on the ‘silver tsunami’

This episode dives into geriatric healthcare and the origins of high-performance EMS

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In this edition of EMS One-Stop, recorded at the Pinnacle EMS 2022 leadership conference, Host Rob Lawrence chats with Joe Ryan, MD.

Dr. Ryan is adjunct clinical assistant professor of emergency medicine at Stanford University and is well known as a veteran EMS medical director at some of the most notable EMS operations in the country, past and present, including MAST in Kansas City; City of Pittsburgh EMS; Sun Star in Pinellas County, Florida; Santa Clara County EMS in California; and REMSA in Reno, Nevada. 

Dr. Ryan was at Pinnacle to pay homage to his lifelong friend, Jack Stout, whose life was celebrated at the conference.

In the podcast, Dr. Ryan discusses the origins of high-performance EMS and his involvement with Jack Stout as he set EMS systems up. Additionally, Rob and Dr. Ryan look to the future and discuss the “silver tsunami” in geriatric healthcare.

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