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EMS chiefs, administrators, medical directors, educators and innovators from systems of all different types and sizes gather every year at the Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum in the pursuit of collaboration and solutions to common challenges. EMS1 is proud to be the premier media partner for this important event.

The books were used to illustrate key concepts, support the speaker’s principles or to call on other leaders to be lifelong learners
Learning how difficult call assignments can be made and where the industry is headed next
Learn how emerging AI applications will impact dispatch, ePCR, education and revenue cycle management
Registration is open for EMS and public safety leaders from around the world
Scholarship opportunities in leadership development, mentoring, degree assistance are available
The Fitch & Associates partners reflect on the past few decades and what’s ahead
What if scheduling and finalizing a transport could be done in 60 seconds?
Proven strategies to turn the tables and bring balance back into negotiations
A guide to enhancing workforce conditions, improving quality of care and shaping the future of the industry
5 lecture preparation tips to ensure you leave your audience wanting more
Join Fitch & Associates and EMS1 to examine solutions to the stressors of EMS providers across the country
Top takeaways on what’s next for EMS after the discontinuation of the CMS ET3 model for reimbursing treatment in place
A Pinnacle exhibitor demonstrates how to capture and maintain an adequate seal and how to switch to manual when ventilating a patient
The co-founder of the 911 Training Institute was recognized for his life’s work in helping 911 and EMS professionals
The scholarships support the development of leadership and education in EMS
A gameshow style session interviewing prospective EMS employers provided insights into EMS success and intergenerational relationships
Finding the opportunity in perception discrepancies, underutilized wellness programs and leadership shortfalls
Incorporating real-time and body-worn camera footage into emergency preparedness, training and response
Cody Byrnes shared how his ultimate purpose fueled his recovery from serious burn injuries to continue delivering hope to others
3,100 paramedics weigh in on reducing stress, staffing challenges and leadership shortfalls
Whether it’s your first time setting foot in the Alamo City or you’re a regular on the River Walk, this year’s conference location offers something for everyone
Low-cost options for improving dispatch, scheduling and resource management
Fitch & Associates’ Anthony Minge shares a sneak peek of this year’s keynotes, social events and more
Be more proactive in your processes and maintain high-level standards of care
Learn how agencies have overcome obstacles to innovate and improve clinical, financial and operational elements in their systems
If your agency is part of the 74% struggling with recruitment, instead of lamenting “kids these days,” look at those you’re competing against and do something different
How to streamline documentation and maximize data quality – while meeting your reporting standards and keeping crews happy
This episode dives into geriatric healthcare and the origins of high-performance EMS
Fitch also introduced the James O. Page Legacy Scholarship