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Turning dispatch recommendations into appropriate responses

Learning how difficult call assignments can be made and where the industry is headed next


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Most CAD software uses very modest algorithms to determine dispatch recommendations guided largely by closest unit assignments. With greater differentiation in response unit capabilities and a more diverse range of requests, the most appropriate unit to dispatch may not always be simplified as the shortest response.

Brian Hood and Dale Loberger have been studying the trends and pushing the envelope to change the rules that dictate responses and the impact that every assignment has on future responses. This dialogue of exploration will help anyone from first responders to administrators and politicians understand the trade-offs and implications of how difficult call assignments can be made and where the industry is headed next.

Register today to learn more by joining the webinar on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, at 1 p.m. CT, presented by Fitch & Associates and sponsored by Bradshaw Consulting Services, Inc.

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