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Holding payers accountable

Proven strategies to turn the tables and bring balance back into negotiations

EMS1 is proud to be the Premier Media Sponsor of the Pinnacle Webinar Series. On Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 1 p.m. CT, Juli Forde Smith, ZOLL Data Systems director of strategic partnerships will discuss “Proven strategies for holding payers accountable,” along with Cody Dumas, managing attorney of DumasNeel; and Thomas J. Moore, junior partner with Fitch & Associates. The webinar is presented by Fitch & Associates and sponsored by ZOLL Data Systems. Register today.

Healthcare is a highly competitive marketplace and EMS providers, in particular, are facing greater downward pressures than ever before.

A large part of any provider strategy is successfully navigating relationships – especially relationships with payers. Yet today, payers seem to be uninterested in entering good faith negotiations. Often, a take it or leave it – and at times, even threatening – stance is taken.

How can EMS providers turn the tables and bring balance back into the negotiations? Join Fitch & Associates on Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 1 p.m. CT, for an insightful panel discussion focusing on three key areas designed to rebalance the scales:

  1. Utilizing independent data sources to establish the market and the value of your services within that market
  2. Deploying arbitration as well as the independent dispute resolution process under the NSA
  3. Occasionally moving forward with litigation when payers push bad payer tactics to the brink

Juli Forde Smith, ZOLL Data Systems Director of Strategic Partnerships, will lead the discussion. Smith will be joined by distinguished panelists, Cody Dumas, managing attorney of DumasNeel; and Thomas J. Moore, junior partner with Fitch & Associates.

Presented by Fitch & Associates, this Pinnacle Webinar is sponsored by ZOLL Data Systems.

The Pinnacle Webinar Series is produced in cooperation with Pinnacle Media Partner EMS1. Ninth Brain is also Fitch & Associates’ learning partner.

Register to attend and learn:

  • How to describe and cite potential data sources and the best practices for leveraging them.
  • How to consider key market forces and develop steps to leverage these forces to preserve financial solvency, as well as continued patient care.
  • When to deploy negotiation, arbitration and litigation.

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