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Incident Command

The death of a firefighter attendee and the wounding of three others, including former President Trump, is a tragic reminder of gunshot wound assessment and treatment challenges
Technologies require these four attributes to truly unite all the players in emergency response
Regularly reviewing and practicing MCI skills will make sure EMS personnel are ready to act when a major incident happens
Syracuse firefighters said they saw so many people on the scene that it was tough to tell who was a victim
Training at the Mineral County Airport involved several departments and agencies dealing with a patient surge
Oakland police said several people were wounded during a sideshow shooting following a Juneteenth celebration that had thousands in attendance
The temperature outside the event soared past 100 degrees Fahrenheit
Two patients were flown to hospitals after a tree branch broke off and entered the passenger compartment during the crash
An explosion inside a Youngstown building collapsed the first floor into the basement
Adair County Health System had set up a triage center at the Greenfield high school after much of town was destroyed
A bus carrying farm workers overturned after it collided with a truck in Marion County
Officials report multiple injuries and damage in Portage and Kalamazoo
“I’ve got shots fired and an officer down,” a marshal can be heard saying over police radio. “Multiple rounds are being fired at officers”
LAFD said 16 patients were transported, 37 were treated on the scene
Las Cruces police said the driver was trying to park her and stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake
Take control of the situation and establish command as soon as possible to start triaging and transporting patients
The California Highway Patrol said multiple passengers were ejected in the crash
Two children were killed when a suspected drunk driver crashed into the Berlin Township building where the party was hosted
Patients in the Pilot Point explosion suffered varying degrees of burns
First responders from several agencies used nine sets of tubes during a technical rescue in Gridley
A driver crashed a stolen tractor-trailer in the Brenham officer after his license renewal was rejected
High winds and dust made visibility difficult at a highway intersection south of Midland
100,000 visitors are expected to arrive in McCurtain County to watch the eclipse in April
The after-action report information from the Boise hangar collapse focuses on rescues, triage and scene safety
Video shows the moment a car crashed into St. David’s North Austin Medical Center ED in Austin
Two off-duty officers engaged an armed woman who opened fire inside the Houston church
Authorities report several people were killed when a plane crashed into a Clearwater mobile home park
Elk City and Oklahoma City first responders utilized whole blood to save a worker pinned underneath a bulldozer