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A growing body of research is making it clear how frequently EMS providers are assaulted on the job, and industry leaders agree the already concerning numbers are underreported. This series breaks down the research regarding violence against EMS providers and offers strategies for recognizing and defusing dangerous encounters, as well as how to equip first responders with protective gear and technology to keep them safe on the streets.

Learn 7 escalation phrases to avoid, plus alternative phrases to help defuse confrontational moments with patients or bystanders
Find out how body-worn camera video can boost patient care documentation, provider safety and more
Implementing body-worn cameras and body armor to support EMS safety strategy
The killing of three first responders in Burnsville highlights the unacceptable level of danger EMS providers face
According to the affidavit, the EMT said Gabriel Trujillo raped her while she was napping in the back of their ambulance
Megan Lynn Pettit was charged with second-degree assault of a Cumberland ambulance crew
NAEMT’s National Survey of Violence Against EMS Practitioners identifies training gaps in EMS safety
Wren Nealy Jr., Cypress Creek EMS chief operating officer, relates how BWCs have contributed to personnel safety, QA/QI
These videos demonstrate how to predict scene safety, handle violent patient outbursts and maintain a safe scene on each call
Learn how ATCEMS identified EMS training goals and implemented an assault reporting function to protect providers from violence
Our co-hosts are joined by Austin Travis County EMS (ATCEMS) Chief to discuss staggering survey results about the prevalence of violence in EMS
Firefighters and EMTs learn a situational awareness process and complexities to maintaining and acting on situational awareness
Prepare for behavioral emergencies by understanding pathophysiology, personal protection, patient handling and restraint techniques, and the importance of documentation
The more complex the skill, the more attention it requires; so how do we get work done and still maintain awareness of the whole scene?
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