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Stolen Ambulance

Ambulances are regularly stolen from hospital emergency departments and incidents. Locking the ambulance is an absolute duty and should be a policy for every agency, as well as a habit for every EMS provider, like wearing a seatbelt.

An ambulance security New Year’s resolution
An Ogden Fire Department crew was treating a patient inside a building when the rig was taken from the scene
Here’s why locking the ambulance should be a policy for every agency and a habit for every EMS provider, like wearing a seatbelt
Fairfax County police said the suspect had not yet been discharged from the hospital but walked away with an IV in his arm
Kahlil Lock injured a Hazel Park paramedic before getting into the driver’s seat
Vancouver paramedics were treating a patient when their squad was stolen and later abandoned
The ambulance came to a stop on the lawn right in front of the entrance of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office
Yengi R. Lado, 27, was convicted of a felony count of second-degree grand larceny and was ordered to pay $250,000 in restitution
Harrison Barjolo crashed an Ashburnham ambulance at Heywood Hospital during a police pursuit
Ammanuel Owar Ojha stole the East Hills ambulance from out front of of Select Specialty Hospital
Dezire Raequan Goldman stole the ambulance and drove nearly 20 miles before being noticed by police
Yengi Lado stole the Ogdensburg ambulance last year from outside a hospital and drove it into a garage
Police officers used spike strips to stop one of the ambulances
Monroe County deputies pursued the stolen ambulance at speeds reaching nearly 90 mph on I-75
Bradley Paul Harriford found the keys in the ambulance and took off