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Behavioral Health

EMS providers are often called to respond to patients experiencing behavioral health emergencies and mental health concerns. In the Behavioral Health topic, find expert analysis into managing acutely agitated patients, responding to excited delirium patients, legal concerns and grant funding for mental health responses.

Results from the 2023 EMS Trend Survey identify an urgent need for increased mental health support
The program aims for nurses to work alongside police officers to assist individuals struggling with substance use disorders and mental health
EMS documentation must support both medical necessity and reasonableness for the transport
The Office of Community Health and Safety mental responds to behavioral health crises, overdose incidents and homelessness
Chief David Lewis and Kyle Gaines join the podcast to discuss a successful MIH initiative getting patients to treatment counselors
Delaware County officials look at a pilot program using mental health professionals, certified peer specialists as a fourth emergency service
St. Charles County Ambulance District will have a dedicated position for administering buprenorphine
Officials announced the expansion of a pilot program into Newark that partners mental health screeners with police officers
The St. Tammany Fire Protection District pilot program will use a behavioral health center specialist for crisis calls
Stamford police, EMS, behavioral health members and firefighters worked together to end a 6-hour standoff
Kingston Fire Chief Chris Rea said service pairs an EMT with a mental health specialist to respond to mental health emergencies
Dispatchers in Worcester will determine which calls Community Healthlink teams will be sent to
Mental Health Services for Clark and Madison Counties is working with firefighters, police officers to get ahead of crises and reduce suicides
For the last two years, the Portland Street Response sent mental health workers and EMTs instead of police to people experiencing a mental health emergency
Calif. voters want behavioral health professionals to respond to non-life-threatening 911 calls