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Every year, EMS1 reviews the latest research, emerging techniques and newly debuted products exhibited at FDIC. Read expert analysis from educational sessions and find the latest product announcements here. Check out our videos from the exhibit hall floor.

5 lecture preparation tips to ensure you leave your audience wanting more
U.S. EMS agencies have been ordering options that make rigs safer and more comfortable for providers and patients
Assistant Chief Brian Zaitz shares the keys to finding balance and excellence at home and on the job
Braun Chief XL ambulances on display at Booth #5846
Crestline has expanded their production facility to reduce lead time
Take a test ride on the FASPLINT FULLBODY vacuum splint demo table
The device features a 360-degree camera that uses artificial intelligence to detect people and objects within a defined range and warn drivers of a possible collision
The new models allow for tools to be suspended further away from the mounting surface
EMS1 tours Horton ambulances equipped with a new restraint system
Karen Owens shares insider tips for training to treat pediatric athletic injuries, some of which may surprise you
Thousands gathered in Indianapolis for training, met friends old and new, checked out gear and vehicles, supported Ukrainian firefighters and more
FDNY Battalion Chief Daniel Sheridan shares the unforgettable close calls that have given him pause
Chief of Training Brian Brush encourages first responders to trust the public’s unquestionable faith in fire/EMS members to power an unquenchable passion for the mission
Continuing the mission of emergency services legends, leaders and champions
Chief Jerry Streich identifies the impact problem employees have on the organization and on collective department stress
The U.S. Army and FDNY rigs plus “our demo truck showcase Wheeled Coach’s versatility and customization capabilities,” said Sales Manager Abel Del Rio
Company representatives will be demonstrating several products on the exhibit floor, and will be on hand for the duration of the conference to answer any questions
The new RediMedic model was designed with comfort, functionality and efficiency in mind
FDIC presenters offer up tips on coordinating critical care team delivery, and adopting transformative actions once considered heresy
Conference season is now back into full swing; make the most of your time
The gold-medal-winning team includes Capt. Alejandro Lozano, Capt. Michael Ung and Lt. Desi Monteavaro
Follow these steps to define roles, identify and mitigate hazards, and work toward the best possible patient outcome