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Tamara Jones, NRP

Tamara, a nationally registered paramedic, has been involved in emergency services for over 13 years, with both EMS and fire. She is a senior medic and clinical preceptor in a busy EMS system in central Texas, as well as spending her off days at a local emergency room. In addition to years of experience, she has extensive training in leadership, and command structure/incident control, and holds multiple certifications for both EMS and fire.

It’s important to foster effectiveness, professionalism and excellency; as well as core values of human decency, empathy, kindness and respect
How paramedics can take action to protect patients from falling through the cracks
How are we going to grow strong EMTs if all we focus on teaching them are skills and how to pass the test?
“EMS is a privilege that has been entrusted to you for safekeeping”