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The technology topic will keep you up to speed on new EMS technologies including improved emergency communications and high-tech EMS technologies.

MCI trailers provide a critical tool for dealing with emergency incidents
Gain confidence in the difference between normal and abnormal breath sounds by auscultating lung sounds on every patient
A lack of accurate data tracking led LogRX CEO and Founder Clive Savacool to redefine what pharmacology accountability looks like for street-level medics
Skagit County has begun using PulsePoint Respond and PulsePoint AED to improve the use of bystander CPR
Ventura County began using text 911 dispatchers in 2021
MVC Incident Visualization software will help traffic safety officers identify high-risk areas and trends
In some areas, Ascension St. Vincent is diverting ambulances for specific cases
Partnership provides resources to collect aerial imagery of storm-damaged areas
The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office flew the drone to a simulated emergency and dropped the AED to the 911 caller
Lessons learned from implementation of a telestroke program
Proponents claim autonomous trucks are safe and cannot be affected by driver distraction, fatigue and impairment
Generative AI with Vision will be essential to the future of emergency medicine
Avive has rapidly built an expansive and diverse customer base, delivering its FDA-approved, award-winning AED technology across all 50 states
Track your body’s biometrics with these top Amazon picks
Take control of the situation and establish command as soon as possible to start triaging and transporting patients
First responders in Santa Fe County are currently using an unsecure, aging system with many dead spots
First-of-its-kind technology immediately delivers ‘eyes on the scene’ to 911 professionals empowering them to give precise details to first responders to accelerate and improve their response
Learn how emerging AI applications will impact dispatch, ePCR, education and revenue cycle management
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Bryan Johnson’s biohacking protocol has gone viral – could this practice benefit your wellbeing?
The device features a 360-degree camera that uses artificial intelligence to detect people and objects within a defined range and warn drivers of a possible collision
Make better decisions by putting data to work for your agency
The Mayo Clinic and OPTAC-X test wearable tech to allow doctors to see what EMTs, medics see on the scene
Communication applications, tech allow real-time feedback on critically ill patients; enable error-insulated hospital reporting
Funding allows Haywood Community College to purchase new simulation mannequins as EMS training program grows
Officials said the rerouting was not caused by a cyberattack
Hit your fitness goals without breaking the bank
The ransomware attack on attack on UnitedHealth Group affected patient prescriptions nationwide
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