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Additional training can help providers who want to do right by patients involved in hospice and end-of-life care
Check out the guests, the controversy and the takeaways that garnered these episodes of Inside EMS an EMS One-Stop the most listens of the year
In this episode, our co-hosts discuss a recent news item that delves into the topic of Do Not Resuscitate orders and how providers can find clarity in the moment
Plant City Fire Rescue responded to a call at an assisted living facility and found that Celeste Salanitri had a weak pulse and shallow respiration
The Ohio Revised Code had been expanded to let physician assistants and some nurses sign the orders but did not let EMS providers abide by them
Previous legislation prevented EMS personnel from complying with a do-not-resuscitate order by a physician assistant or advanced practice registered nurse
Does your estate plan include an advanced directive?
The man’s wife filed a federal lawsuit after 11 fire department employees admitted to performing 15 “tube checks” on his body on the floor of the fire station
EMS practitioners should be aware of their state laws pertaining to DNRs and follow local protocols
Our co-hosts take on the topic of DNR’s and advance directives after an unconscious man with a “Do Not Resuscitate” tattoo sparked dilemma at a hospital
The patient had no identification or family with him and doctors originally chose to ignore the tattoo until speaking with an ethics consultant
Our co-hosts are joined by EMS1 columnist Dan Limmer, who shares his experience and opinions on DNR’s
Two shifts into an EMS career is when paramedic and author Kevin Hazzard witnessed his first patient death
Treating the elderly has its own special skill set, the ability to navigate a bizarre question-and-answer session tops the list
This is the choice I made when a man was dying and the family couldn’t find the do-not-resuscitate paperwork
Six personnel from Maplewood FD are on leave after granting request of woman’s husband and power of attorney to halt resuscitation
Interviews with NY EMTs and paramedics provides new insights into the complex, yet largely unknown juncture of emergency care and end-of-life care
Since a Do Not Resuscitate tattoo is not revocable emergency responders are obligated to initiate resuscitation until a valid DNR is shown