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Advanced Life Support

“Whatever you don’t bring is what you’re going to need,” one commenter wrote
The impact COVID-19 had, and didn’t have, the changes we’re embracing and the change providers want to see
Good communication and pre-planning: What the Boston Marathon bombing taught us
Charlotte-based Mecklenburg EMS’ high-acuity calls now have a time limit, and low-acuity calls are expected to take longer and will not include rig lights or sirens
The change is in response to the staffing crisis due to the pandemic and will “ensure a faster response when people need help” one sponsor of the bill said
The vehicles are equipped with vital items, including medications, blood products, IV pumps, intubation equipment and ventilators
Martin County is providing BLS and relying on mutual aid while seeking a sponsoring hospital and getting ambulances inspected
3,213 EMS providers speak up about job satisfaction, effective leadership, safety and innovation in the EMS Trend Survey
This year’s topics include video-based dispatch systems, COVID-19 infection risk to rescuers, an extensive review of neonatal cord management and more
Examining recommendations for EMS treatment of adult and pediatric cardiac arrest related to epinephrine, compression depth and rate, and double sequential defibrillation
Looking to build confidence and skills in treating pediatric cardiac arrest patients? We’ve got you covered.
A paper published in the Journal of Rural Health calls for changes to paramedic scopes of practice for airway and ventilator management in response to COVID-19
Residents were raising concerns about the firing of an Alaska fire chief and assistant chief when a man collapsed, prompting an EMS response
Fire agencies in Lancaster and Bolton will collaborate to provide advanced life support services after their previous ALS provider abruptly pulled out
Officials say they were given two days’ notice that they needed to look for a new advanced life support ambulance provider
The department plans to provide nontransport advanced life support in anticipation that their county’s ambulances will be taxed responding to the next county over
Fredericksburg’s City Council set a priority in 2014 to establish around-the-clock advanced medical service to address the burden of increased medical calls
Under the new law, first responders who work in rural areas can operate at the highest level for which they have a state license
The volunteer department has struggled to provide the services over the last few weeks and decided they could not keep up consistent coverage
The controversial law moves Camden ALS services from Virtua Health System to Cooper University Hospital
Paramedics will respond in congested areas on two Harley-Davidson Electra Glide motorcycles equipped with ALS gear and fire extinguishers
We weren’t sure what happened to the infant abandoned in a toilet until, as fate would have it, the child was adopted by our friend
The unit includes advanced equipment and a specially trained team to recover patients from hospitals where nothing more can be done for them
The three year experiment to let the fire department run ALS calls is still a point of controversy despite good results
The science may be good, but the delivery may be lacking