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Kenny Navarro

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Kenny Navarro is Chief of EMS Education Development in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas. He also serves as the AHA Training Center Coordinator for Tarrant County College. Mr. Navarro serves as an Emergency Cardiovascular Care Content Consultant for the American Heart Association, served on two education subcommittees for NIH-funded research projects, as the Coordinator for the National EMS Education Standards Project, and as an expert writer for the National EMS Education Standards Implementation Team.

AHA CPR Guidelines 2020 continue to emphasize early recognition of cardiac arrest and prompt CPR beginning with chest compressions provides the best chances for survival
Examining recommendations for EMS treatment of adult and pediatric cardiac arrest related to epinephrine, compression depth and rate, and double sequential defibrillation
For patients who do not achieve ROSC early, is it better to stay on scene and continue resuscitation efforts or transport to the ED with CPR in progress?
What the ILCOR recommendations for managing infection risks during CPR and intubation of patients who may be infected with SARS-CoV-2 mean for EMS
Research suggests an association between sodium bicarbonate and decreased survival-to-hospital discharge and worsened neurological status
A new study suggests there may not be any clinical benefits to administering NTG to treat chest pain caused by myocardial ischemia
The American Heart Association recently released a statement updating cardiac arrest resuscitation guidelines
Video laryngoscopy may improve overall and first-pass success rates for ET intubation by paramedics
Including ultrasound during assessment may help rule out or find injuries missed with traditional exam techniques, but more research is needed
What’s the evidence that delivery of dual defibrillation improves survival outcomes for patients who suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and fail to respond to conventional therapy?