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Good Samaritans

There are a number of ways that organizations involved in the campaign can participate
It’s on agencies to provide opportunities for community members to learn the skills needed to potentially save the life of a stranger or loved one
Inspiring ways to recognize providers’ contributions, educate the community and recruit the next generation
Sam Orbovich was unconscious, trapped in his burning car on I-94 in St. Paul
Conquer stressful calls, identify treatment challenges and pitfalls, and use technology to its best potential to save lives this summer and beyond
Matt DeCesare went to help Tom Pepe with the only training being the rhythm of the song “Stayin’ Alive”
Matthew Reum was trapped for six days in his truck, subsisting on rainwater
The number of people who died of overdoses in Denver public spaces more than tripled between 2018 and 2022, data shows
The firefighter-medic and a nurse both separately stopped to assist the crash victims, all of whom had to be extricated from the vehicles
Increase in public deaths leaves individuals to consider carrying naloxone and businesses training employees on how to respond to overdoses
Twenty Norsemen football players and four coaches sat down in Bingham Township to become certified in CPR
“If I hadn’t taken that course, I wouldn’t have known what to do” Raheem Morris said
40 rescuers in Cheshire County were recognized for their work in saving victims of sudden cardiac arrest
The real role of EMS should be to train ourselves out of a job
Equipping citizens to put down the cell phone and save lives in an emergency
“I started doing what we learned,” said Giselle Torres, a student in an EMS class at the Careerline Tech Center
Aiden Carter called 911 and stayed with the injured driver until first responders arrived
A medical professional and a former boy scout applied pressure to Ralph Yarl’s wounds, checked his pulse and kept him company
The Erie County Sheriff’s Office chief medical officer, EMS providers and bystanders had a similarly quick response
Takeaways from a GSW response that quickly escalated into chaos
EMS leaders described Dr. Leonard Cobb as a giant, pioneer and luminary whose work “touched the lives of thousands worldwide”
“They rushed over,” said Anderson Township Fire Department member Curtis Yuskewich
Jose Gonzalez’s trial began Wednesday, nearly six years after Yadira Arroyo’s death
Lessons from a bystander responder and co-survivor of SCA, Kristin Flanary – Lady Glaucomflecken, lifesaver, CPR champion and keynote extraordinaire
Bay Village’s Jeremy Gillespie ran over and helped responders perform CPR on Maui Firefighter Tre Evans-Dumaran
“The opportunity to dramatically transform cardiac arrest response and improve outcomes is now possible,” said Rory Beyer, Avive co-founder and president
Ethan Moriniti, 20, immediately began CPR and used an AED before first responders arrived
Desert Oasis High School Principal Ian Salzman said staff members provided medical aid EMS providers arrived