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EMS Compass Initiative

Stroke patient assessment, care and transport are focus of the first four EMS Compass measures
Learn how this national project will improve systems of care through the development of system outcomes, benchmarks, and processes
NASEMSO launched a two-year effort to research and publish a set of measures that EMS agencies can use to gauge their own performance
The technology company will support the NEMSQA’s efforts to develop, test and validate quality measures for EMS
The organization is asking that EMS providers to implement the measures to test within their own systems and then provide feedback.
The EMS community is invited to test proposed draft measures
The EMS community is invited to provide feedback and comment on the proposed EMS Compass performance measures
The EMS Steering Committee will review and discuss proposed performance measures to improve patient care
State officials hear lessons learned, next steps for performance measure initiative
10 webinars, led by an expert on each of the measurement domains, engaged EMS providers and received input from the community
The EMS Compass Initiative kicked off on Monday with two open webinars, and will feature eight more this week
NASEMSO and the NHTSA launched a two-year project that will engage experts across the health care industry to help improve EMS management and clinical care