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From the Editor Greg Friese, Editor-in-Chief Greg Friese, Editor-in-Chief
Sharing your grant success will further your standing in the community and boost your chances of more funding Full Column
EMS 12-Lead Tom Bouthillet Tom Bouthillet
EMS responds to a 68-year-old male with chest discomfort. Should the treating paramedic call a Code STEMI? Part 2 of 2 Full Column

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Wind carries bounce house 200 feet; 2 kids hurt
Video: Teen fleeing from police drives through park, nearly hits children
Texas EMT attacked, beaten during home invasion
Rescuers amputate trucker's leg at crash scene
Medic shocked to find own stolen trailer at crash scene
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Imposter ambulances threaten public trust and safety
Bill introduced in Texas legislature seeks to prohibit imposter ambulances and is a model for all states Full Story
Innovation Zone: Mercury Medical Flow-Safe II EZ

The new and innovative Mercury Medical Flow-Safe II EZ mask with built in nubulizer in conjunction with CPAP treatment.

ICEdot: Emergency Identification and Notification Service

ICEdot's services allow first responders to notify loved ones of an emergency on the scene.

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Active-shooter response: Are you physically ready?
Normally, I am strong believer that paramedics are at their best when they saunter into a scene, slowly walking and looking for clues and risks. But an active-shooter incident is going to require repetitive ... Full Story
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Medic student's revolt with his co-workers against an abusive boss led to 30-year career in emergency medicine Ed Gilbertson tells his personal and professional journey from EMT to medic to nurse to director of the MEMS community paramedic program Full Story

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