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These are universal strategies for effective emails, social media posts, text messages and official reports
Progressive discipline, mandatory reporting and regular performance evaluations can improve the quality of patient care
Conducting appropriate background checks on applicants and personnel is part of how EMS agencies protect patients from harm
People’s emergency text messages will be automatically translated for dispatchers
Crawford County residents can sign up for the alerts to alert them to significant weather, hazardous materials incidents, AMBER alerts for missing children or an active shooting
North Dakota received more than $1.47 million in funds to fund the next phase of upgrades to the state’s 22 911 call centers
Palm Beach County’s 911 planning coordinator estimates that 18 public-safety call-center stations have received about 100 text messages each month
With the Text-to-911 initiative, individuals in four Kentucky counties now have the capability to text authorities during an emergency, effective immediately
Users should put 911 as the recipient, fill out the message field and a dispatcher will respond with questions
Anyone who can’t call in an emergency can now send a message to request police, fire or medical assistance
When the call dropped, Tim Medlin resorted to texting the woman
Officials said the text service will allow deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-impaired communities the ability to effectively contact 911
Dispatch centers emphasize the slogan: “Call if you can, text if you can’t”
Dylan Prather began texting the woman after he heard her faintly saying “Put the gun down” in a 911 call