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Reunions, acts of kindness and first responder surprises to bring a smile to your face
These heartwarming reunions with survivors and family members show a ray of hope amidst difficult times
2020 has been a tough year; take a break with this collection of heartwarming stories
David Cruise and his family got the opportunity the thank the Parker County Hospital District EMS crew
TSA officer Mark Gumabon was reunited with first responders, TSA officers who resuscitated him after sudden cardiac arrest
40 rescuers in Cheshire County were recognized for their work in saving victims of sudden cardiac arrest
Ashley Hammontree encourages other survivors to never lose hope
Adam Ritchotte, an Army veteran, was using a boning knife to cut a beef shoulder when the knife slipped and went 4 inches into his groin
Rescuers carried the badly bleeding man a quarter mile through swamp and brush to an ambulance
Survivors from three separate crashes gathered on National Trauma Survivors Day to thank their rescuers in person
Bri’Alle McNeil survived multiple gunshot wounds that damaged her colon, liver, pancreas and arm
A Williamson County EMS commander immediately placed a tourniquet and transport was initiated within five minutes
Beth Mazgajewski got in touch with Cherry Hill EMS in the hopes of being able to thank her rescuer in person
Jaqueline Luxenberg was 5 years old when a fighter jet crashed into her apartment complex in 1989
MedStar Paramedic Trey McDaniel was injured and his vehicle was totaled after being hit by a semi-truck