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Refuse Treatment

We need our legislators to enact laws that focus on the real issues of reimbursement, enabling ET3 and recognizing EMS as an essential service
Governor signs bill prohibiting Arizona’s EMTs from persuading patients into not going to hospital
“Over-legislating providers committed to excellence is not the answer”
What patient abandonment isn’t, and why it’s time to confront this EMS boogeyman
According to the lawsuit, Somerville police administered two doses of naloxone to Jonathan C. Reina Jr., 19, who refused treatment and transportation by paramedics
Ashley Fillmore provides a framework for consulting with superiors or specialists
TBI risk factors, managing patient refusals and oxygenation tips for treating head injuries
Newark officials say the woman had called for help earlier but that an error had been made logging the address of her call
Many EMS systems are evaluating ways to mitigate the risks of refusal in post naloxone patients
Changing models of patient centered care demand EMS revamp the traditional refusal model and adopt collaborative informed decision making
Officials said they are reviewing the call after family members claimed Andrew Norman, 41, died four hours after medics talked him out of going to the hospital
When patients do not act in their best interest having them sign a patient refusal form is in your best interest as an EMS professional
Like his father, the 21-year-old declined medical treatment and relied on prayer for healingThe 21-year-old is recovering from a bite and relied on prayer for healing
The car rolled on top of her as she was trying to push it; she said she didn’t have time for medical treatment because as a single mother, she had to pick her child up at school
Jamie Coots, who appeared on the National Geographic reality show “Snake Salvation” died an hour after emergency workers left his home