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Agencies are (or should be) preparing for continued rolling blackouts meant to minimize the risk of electrical line-caused fires
5 Texas EMS medical directors recount the operational and 911 triage challenges recent weather posed as power outages afflicted the region
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Public safety departments are warning their communities about flooding and other hazards
USAR teams have been deployed to a staging area, and local fire departments have been issuing safety reminders to their communities
The vehicle is fully powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, mitigating the need for diesel generators that produce toxic fumes
A new, gas-powered rig offers lower anticipated repair costs over diesel, the Northshire Rescue Squad reported
The two crewmembers and 12-year-old patient were trapped by fallen powerlines until the power could be shut off
About 150 firefighters conducted an extensive search to ensure the safety of residents after the blast
Fire and EMS agencies in central Texas have seen emergency call volumes skyrocket amidst hazardous conditions, road closures and power outages
Local media reported that one person had died and another was injured in a home collapse in the aftermath of an initial 6.4 magnitude quake off the coast
Fifty-nine generators will serve as backup power for counties along the Georgia coastline to ensure that critical facilities stay running during a natural disaster
Durham Fire and EMS Station 17 is the first fire station in the city that can generate its own electricity from the sun
The CEO of Con Edison said the blackout resulted from a ‘significant disturbance on the west side of Manhattan at one of our electric transmission stations’
The new vehicles will save fuel and use the energy to provide mobile Wi-Fi access