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The National EMS Advisory Council offers updates on EMS issues from roadway safety to ET3 and COVID response
Industry association websites, webinars and resources offer training, procedures and advocacy for their members who are on the frontline pandemic response
The scope of practice expert panel examined evidence to determine if a procedure or skill is beneficial to patients and can be done safely by EMS providers
The new content covers field triage, acute events in infants, cardiac arrest and trauma MCIs
The ground rules include questions to ask patients and evidence-based medication recommendations
The NASEMSO project team seeks input on draft Version 3 of the Model EMS Clinical Guidelines
The statement addresses assessment, restraint, use of sedatives such as ketamine and law enforcement involvement when caring for an agitated patient
The National Association of State EMS Officials announced its commitment to eliminate racism and promote racial equality
The NHTSA and NASEMSO-backed study seeks to examine the impact of a sleep health and fatigue education program tailored to EMS providers
NASEMSO developed the product resource to help EMS reference and compare products that ambulance industry manufacturers develop
A collaboration between NASEMSO, NAEMSP and ACEP produced an evidence-based guideline for EMS providers to follow when considering naloxone for patient treatment
“Evidence-Based Guidelines for Fatigue Risk Management in Emergency Medical Services” was created to mitigate the effects of fatigue
The “Scope of Practice Model Decision-Making Framework for Emergency Medical Services” is now available online
More than 600 organizations have teamed up to create a comprehensive strategy to put an end to increasing vehicle fatalities in the United States
The organization teamed up with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine to mitigate the effects of fatigue with recommendations