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Calls involving celebrities, chemical restraint, protests and mass shootings are just some of the scenarios that will put you in the public eye
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‘My job was to try as best I could to explain what was going on and put it in perspective’
HBO host uses biting humor to explain “wildly different” EMS systems, surprise billing and poor pay for EMS providers
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Eaton Area EMS EMT Lyle See has worked in EMS for more than 57 years
Michigan Medstar Paramedic and CEO Kolby Miller is producing the film “Streets of Covid,” which will feature interviews with providers, EMS leaders and medical directors from around the country
Paramedic Lauren Kwei said the “New York Post” included her name in an article about her use of the app OnlyFans against her wishes
According to the complaint, Denver Health reprimanded employees who spoke out about COVID-19 and systemic racism
Mechanics at the Los Angeles County Fire Museum shop are working to give new life to the 1969 Chevy Ambulance
Former FDNY EMT Angelina Pivarnick, who appeared on the TV show “Jersey Shore,” alleged that a lieutenant sent her sexually explicit text messages and groped her
The play, based on interviews with EMS providers and other healthcare personnel, can be streamed online until August 4