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Domestic Violence

Key takeaways and lessons learned from the 2018 mass shooting event at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago
EMS systems may experience and respond to behavioral health, substance abuse and domestic violence situations as social isolation impacts public health
After completing a domestic violence training for medical professionals, the beliefs of EMS providers about domestic violence were assessed
The killing of three first responders in Burnsville highlights the unacceptable level of danger EMS providers face
Firefighter/Paramedic Adam Finseth, 40, was fatally shot as he provided aid to an injured officer
Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services Dispatcher Cassandra Peña-Romero was found shot in the neck beside her car
Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services’ Cassandra Pena-Romero was shot by her estranged husband on Aug. 19
The woman described to investigators how he beat her, controlled their relationship and frightened her father
Suspended Ct. EMT Bradley Doyle was carrying a BB gun, handcuffs, pepper spray, knife, duct tape, cable ties and rope, according to an arrest warrant
Thomas Cushman pleaded innocent to the charge and others after police and firefighters responded to a call at his home
“You need to stop interrupting me,” dispatcher is heard telling the former Seattle Seahawks’ player’s wife during the emotional 911 call before Richard Sherman’s arrest
Rockford dispatchers were taught to catch the signs early to notify EMS providers and police
Authorities said the man tried to spit on the EMT and resisted wearing a mask while being transported after allegedly choking his girlfriend and swallowing her medication
The paramedic’s girlfriend told investigators she once woke up and found an IV in her arm
Police said the man also pushed his wife, was in possession of a stolen firearm and had a neglected puppy tied up in his truck