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The EMS1 Digital Editions, eBooks & Special Projects resource center captures special coverage projects, including digital editions, like “What paramedics want in 2022,” insights from the EMS Trend Survey, and “Care delivery in real-time: Implementing telehealth in EMs;" and eBooks, like “Reignite EMS passion by banishing burnout” and “Airway management: Improving first-pass intubation success.”

Download these resources to inform clinical training, leadership decisions and career growth and share them with your colleagues and network.

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A guide to reducing stress by improving mental, physical, relationship and career health
Download this free guide for timely tips on low-volume call types, getting grant funding, expanding your scope through technology and more
Download the eBook to learn how the technology has advanced and why it represents the best available mode for patient care today
Head-to-toe guidance for improving trauma outcomes
Virtual reality technology allows the learner to mimic and engage in real-life situations, activating the same neural pathways for better retention
The impact COVID-19 had, and didn’t have, the changes we’re embracing and the change providers want to see
In this eBook, learn about optimal patient positioning, securing an airway with facial trauma involvement and the benefits of the bougie in airway management
Use the information and strategies in this guide to help prepare your agency to keep up with the changing scope of out-of-hospital care and provide the most timely and appropriate response
Discover the metrics agencies should consider tracking, how to package that data to influence decision-makers and how to improve the quality of ePCR reporting
Connecting patients to advanced levels of care to provide the right level of intervention at the right time, in the right place
Find out how body-worn camera video can boost patient care documentation, provider safety and more
Every second counts in the prehospital environment, so it’s critical that EMS providers stay on top of the latest skills and strategies for saving lives
EMS1 and Fitch & Associates take an in-depth look at EMS trends in the U.S. and set a foundation for assessing how the EMS profession is changing
Download this free eBook to learn more about how data is integral to EMS and how to effectively leverage it