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Your guide to improving your EMS agency’s safety culture (eBook)

Learn about the biggest drivers of transforming a fear-based culture into a Just Culture

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This eBook is also an opportunity to learn from the Center for Patient Safety, EMS patient safety experts and other organizations who have begun the cultural transformation.

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By EMS1 BrandFocus Staff

The painful truth is that changing your organization’s culture isn’t easy.

If patient safety — and patient satisfaction — truly are goals of prehospital providers, then we need to rethink the role of an EMS agency’s culture and how it impacts how EMS professionals and the care they provide to patients.

In this eBook, we detail how EMS providers and leaders can all play a role in improving patient safety outcomes by investing a shift towards Just Culture. More specifically you’ll learn:

  • How your agency can identify specific patient safety goals and develop an agency-wide strategy to focus action and decision-making
  • How an EMS leader’s role can shape culture through the behaviors and actions they take to cultivate an atmosphere of shared ownership among all levels of the organization
  • How agencies can adopt data-driven practices to measure the success of their transition to a Just Culture
  • How a Florida-based EMS agency successfully integrated a growth-oriented culture of patient safety
  • Why technology alone can’t change your EMS agency’s culture

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