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In a field where members rely on each other to work on critical cases in tandem, to survey the scene to keep each other safe, and to lend a listening ear after a traumatic call, maintaining the integrity of the department and trust between members is essential. This series identifies the top disciplinary issues facing EMS leaders and what they can do to prevent and mitigate bad behavior while preserving trust among the community and members.

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Offering educational options versus punitive responses can make all the difference
How disciplinary action is perceived offers evidence for implementing Just Culture values
3 takeaways point to discrepancies in perception of discipline equity, fairness from frontline providers to senior leaders
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Communication tips for coaching different personality types
A 3-step guide to disciplinary action that demonstrates good faith, while putting the responsibility for their actions on employees
We must address public safety personnel who lie, cheat, steal, perjure, beat, molest, assault, falsify, embezzle and do otherwise bad things
Embracing conflict can help a fire/EMS organization’s team mature and increase organizational productivity
Without knowing the root cause of the behavior problem, fixing it is sheer luck
Knowing when to use these management tools to identify and reduce at-risk work behaviors is critical to being a successful EMS leader