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Care delivery in real-time: Implementing telehealth in EMS

Connecting patients to advanced levels of care to provide the right level of intervention at the right time, in the right place

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, ET3 implementation and CMA waivers, EMS is transforming beyond the historic and perceived role as a transportation service. Telehealth in the prehospital environment enables treat-and-refer or treat-in-place delivery models. Connecting patients to advanced levels of care in the field empowers EMS providers to provide the right level of intervention at the right time, and to transport patients to the best destination.

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Optimizing care and expanding access saves patients, providers and payers time and money, while limiting the demand on hospitals and healthcare resources. In this digital edition, learn implementation strategies from agencies successfully using telehealth in the field, how to fund the necessary technology and training as well as how the CMS landscape is shaping reimbursement for more than patient transportation.

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