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Medical Monitoring

The Medical Monitoring topic contains news and information about medical monitoring, outlines the current trends and what the future may hold for EMS providers.

Critical insights into the implications of recent court rulings on EMS practice and patient care
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The red flags and steps to take to make the scene safer for yourself, other responders and the patients
A jury found Aurora Fire Rescue paramedics Jeremy Cooper and Peter Cichuniec guilty of criminally negligent homicide for administering ketamine to McClain
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Montgomery County Hospital District shares their findings trialing carotid ultrasound during CPR to enhance cardiac arrest response
Waveform capnography provides a non-invasive, accurate assessment of a patient’s ventilatory status
Ventilators and monitors will be safely secured inside the 19 MEDIC EMS ambulances
Judges affirmed that in the case against the Southfield EMTs in the death of Timesha Beauchamp, the estate failed to prove a constitutional violation