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Monitoring AVPU and other vital signs will help determine if the patient is improving, worsening or responding to treatment
When the conditions are ripe, the distinction between intoxication and a diabetic emergency can easily be blurred
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The call volume has been increasing every year and includes more than drug-related overdoses
Lindsay Byrne, her sibling Nicole Kelly, plus a Florida firefighter who was also onboard determined that the patient was having a diabetic emergency
Young adults with prediabetes were also more likely to have high cholesterol and obesity, the researchers found
The glucagon comes in a 1 mg vial as part of an emergency kit
Fairchild Air Force Base Firefighter-EMT Kris Maynard, the owner of Glucose Revival, said he was inspired to donate due to his own law enforcement encounter during a diabetic emergency
The suit stems from the death of a Sacramento man who was treated for low blood sugar while handcuffed in a prone position
Maverick Cochran gave first responders the necessary information and even helped them care for his younger siblings
A woman accused Hennepin Healthcare EMS and Minneapolis police of racism after her boyfriend was administered ketamine
The Gvoke HypoPen was designed for diabetes patients to more easily administer glucogon in an emergency situation
Army Reservist Ryan Ruble carried a man experiencing a medical emergency during the protest half a mile to safety
The agency said on Facebook that those with conditions such as chest pain, high blood pressure and abnormal blood sugar shouldn’t hesitate to seek treatment
Is routine blood glucose testing of all children in the prehospital setting indicated?
An organization that provides medical appointment transportation will partner with Glucose Revival to carry glucose gel necklaces for diabetic patients
In this episode, our co-hosts welcome Medtronic’s Holly Stewart, who explains the history of capnography and offers insight into its use for DKA and sepsis monitoring
The new INQUEAlert program aims to provide an always-available medical alert solution for those with life-threatening conditions
A medical emergency prompted Spokane EMT Kris Maynard to develop the necklace out of necessity
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