Good Samaritan carries man to paramedics at Tulsa protest

Army Reservist Ryan Ruble carried a man experiencing a medical emergency during the protest half a mile to safety

By Laura French

TULSA, Okla. — A good Samaritan carried a man experiencing a medical emergency during a Tulsa protest to safety after paramedics were unable to reach him through the crowd. 

Ryan Ruble, an Army Reservist, saw the man lying unconscious in the street during the protest on Sunday and stopped to aid him along with two nurses who were also in the crowd, according to News On 6

The man went in and out of consciousness as the bystanders placed a cold cloth around his neck, and he told them he was diabetic, Ruble said. 

The good Samaritans tried to call an ambulance but the first responders were unable to reach them through the crowd. Ruble decided to pick the man up and carried him several blocks, about half-a-mile, to the EMS crew. 

Ruble credited his military training and the fact that his mother is a nurse for his quick thinking, but said he was simply in the right place at the right time and believed others would do the same in that situation. 

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