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Dawn B. Altman, RN, EMT-P

ECG Guru

Dawn Altman, RN, EMT-P is the administrator/owner of the website, a website providing resources for instructors of ECG and cardiac topics; and ECG Guru, Inc., Health Education and Consulting, providing ECG classes for all healthcare professionals, at levels from beginner to advanced.

She is a well-known ECG instructor who specializes in EMS training; as well as an RN with experience in the emergency department, EMS, PACU, home health, and cath lab admit and recovery. She has consulting experience as a legal nurse consultant and book reviewer.

All materials on the ECG Guru are high-quality, free of copyright, and free to download for teaching purposes. Contact Altman at

Learn the age-related differences in a pediatric patient’s ECG and the changes to expect on a pediatric 12-lead ECG
Instead of “rules” you have been taught to distinguish sinus tach and SVT, follow these assessment and ECG interpretation tips
Learn how to separate atrial activity from ventricular activity when interpreting a rhythm strip and the atrial flutter waves will stand out
Review the findings for a critical shock patient and understand the ominous implications of pathological Q waves
Learn to distinguish and verify electrical and mechanical capture when using a transcutaneous pacemaker on a patient with symptomatic bradycardia
Review the subtle signs of an acute ST-elevation MI with this case of a man presenting with “heavy” chest pain
Review the signs, symptoms and significant 12-Lead ECG findings for Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
Review the findings and understand why we don’t like left bundle branch block