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Treat in Place

As EMS moves away from a transportation service, the EMS1 treat in place topic contains the latest news, videos, podcasts and analysis on treat-in-place programs and reimbursement.

Peer-reviewed, empirical data is needed to pursue alternative payment structures
Turning frustration into action as the end of ET3 puts a wrench in treatment in place, alternate destinations
Looking back into the data on EMS activations and trends, and looking forward in hope
Adopting programs to improve service delivery and agency culture
In a Boston Globe opinion piece, Dr. Eric Dickson says paying ambulance services to care for patients at home instead of transporting them would also cut costs
3,213 EMS providers speak up about job satisfaction, effective leadership, safety and innovation in the EMS Trend Survey
San Bernadino firefighter-paramedics treated two people who were injured in the crash
The new policy should help hospitals cut about 15-20% of daily calls for service, said Dan Lynch, emergency medical services director
Empire BlueCross BlueShield and Mount Sinai Health System have reached an agreement to offer community paramedicine, ET3 and treat-in-place options
Learn where to find willing partners and payers for an EMS telehealth navigation program
Grant programs and relief funding to support telemedicine initiatives, technology and training offer continued financial assistance to eligible agencies
Communication applications, tech allow real-time feedback on critically ill patients; enable error-insulated hospital reporting
Medics are preparing to treat some patients at home rather than transport them to hospitals
After a successful pilot program in DeKalb County, AMR becomes the largest group included in the CMS ET3 model
The waiver is retroactive to March 1, 2020 and allows for reimbursement when patients aren’t transported due to community-wide COVID-19 protocols