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Photos: Tractor trailer slams into Calif. apparatus staging crash scene

San Bernadino firefighter-paramedics treated two people who were injured in the crash


Photo/San Bernardino County Fire

By Leila Merrill

FONTANA, Calif. — A San Bernadino fire apparatus was struck from behind by a big rig on Interstate 10 early Friday.

At about 2:34 a.m., Medic Engine 76 from the Bloomington Fire Station was blocking the scene of a previous wreck when the big rig struck, according to a Facebook post credited to Battalion Chief Mike McClintock.

No members were in the apparatus, and none were hurt.

Firefighter-paramedics treated two people in the rig for minor injuries. They declined transport.

The apparatus sustained significant damage, and crews now must use a backup apparatus.

The incident is under investigation.

“We are thankful that our firefighters, emergency responders and others on-scene weren’t injured this morning in Fontana. While an engine is replaceable, people are not. We are fortunate that this incident had a positive outcome, but it’s a great reminder to stay alert while driving and be cautious around incidents on the freeway,” said Assistant Chief Jeff Birchfield, who oversees operations in Division 1, which includes Fontana.

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