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Paramedic Chief Digital: How to improve patient and provider safety on the road

This issue features articles highlighting the importance of patient and provider safety during ambulance transport and the need for an EMS overhaul


Photo/Washington State Sen. Mark Schoesler, 9th Legislative District

With an average 1,500 ambulance crashes per year resulting in injury, it’s time to recognize patient transport as a high-frequency, high-risk activity deserving a safety overhaul in EMS. Improvements in transit safety begins by focusing on safety and ergonomic features when purchasing ambulances, and by limiting the time providers spend on the road.

In this issue of Paramedic Chief, you can read about:

  • How to integrate a ride-sharing platform into your delivery model
  • A three-pronged approach to operating on the roadway
  • Safety tips and details when responding to roadway incidents

Read these articles and more inside. You can view the issue as a digital magazine or fill out the form on this page to download a pdf.

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