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Carbon Monoxide

Check your knowledge of carbon monoxide poisoning causes, symptoms and protective strategies on scene
CO poisoning is a life-threatening emergency and victims must be removed from the environment immediately without placing the rescuers in danger
Look beyond the classic symptoms of cyanide, and CO poisoning, and thermal inhalation, to find the best course of treament
Tipp City medics responded to a report of an illness and found complaints consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning
First responders in Cheektowaga faced several sick players and parents
Students were living inside a mod on Evergreen State College’s Olympia campus
Several patients experiencing headaches and dizziness at a North Whitehall childcare center were transported to area hospitals
Multiple ambulance strike teams are transporting patients to alternative facilities in the area
North Park Fire member Brian “Tater” Rehnberg “was truly a blessed soul with a big heart,” North Park Fire Chief Joel Hallstrom said
EMS providers began resuscitating and transported a man who was found not breathing and without a pulse
Brian Harbaugh said he went to pick up paperwork Sunday, exited the building fast and called for NorthStar EMS to help him; he quit on Monday
Firefighters found “extremely high” levels of the lethal gas inside the building, said Kansas City Assistant Fire Chief Jimmy Walker
“Thank your nurses and thank your EMS workers and firefighters because they made all this possible,” said Dr. Chase Jones
Officials declared a mass casualty incident, bringing every ambulance in Allentown and more from surrounding municipalities
Evanston fire crews detected carbon monoxide concentration levels five times greater than the threshold for what’s considered dangerous inside the Mount Pisgah Ministry
The Town of Tonawanda paramedics rescued four family members, including two sleeping children, from potentially deadly CO levels
About 150 firefighters conducted an extensive search to ensure the safety of residents after the blast
Toxicologist Jerry Snow, MD, joins our hosts to discuss the common symptoms and what leads to misdiagnosis in carbon monoxide poisoning
Firefighters, EMTs and paramedics across the country brave freezing temperatures, face record call volumes and remind community members to stay safe in the cold
The FDNY cleared out 15 apartments due to the carbon monoxide leak that sickened 11 people
A Dallas Fire-Rescue crew responded to a medical call about one patient when others at the shelter began saying they felt sick
The FDNY nominated the paramedics for the Daily News Hometown Heroes award for saving the unconscious man from lethal CO exposure
EMS officials said carbon monoxide exposure could not be ruled out in the deaths of two infants at a public housing complex
Officials believe a gas leak may have caused carbon monoxide poisoning at the facility
Seven fire and medic units were dispatched to assist the patients ranging in age from 7 to 58
One of the four paramedics who were transported to the hospital from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival has been sent home
The paramedics were in an RV at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival when one of them woke up and got help
Fire officials said a boiler in the basement was leaking; the leak filled the dorm’s five floors with high levels of CO2
Zache Cox and Frantzi Honore responded to a medical call and noticed the carbon monoxide detectors were registering high levels of gas