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Shark Attack

The angler caught a lemon shark and “got too close to its mouth” as he tried to release it, said a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman
Monroe County Fire Rescue took the patient to an airport, and she received a blood transfusion during an air ambulance flight to Miami
As they consider the second shark bite this summer and the first fatal shark attack in the state in over 80 years, responders say they are monitoring mental health
One girl was bitten on her thigh and taken to a hospital; the other girl didn’t require hospitalization
Leeanne Ericson punched the predator and dug her fingers into its eye as she was dragged below the waves
According to the Atlantic Shark Conservancy, there have already been eight confirmed great white sightings this month
Bystanders, including an off-duty EMT, had taken all the appropriate steps to save her life
The woman was conscious and talking while onlookers used a rubber surfboard leash as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding
Doctors amputated one of the man’s legs just below the knee
After being bitten, Joseph Tanner swam ashore and instructed others how to tie a tourniquet on his leg with a surfboard leash
The man was helped to shore by other surfers, who used a surf board leash as a tourniquet
Off-duty paramedic and bystanders rescue surfer attacked by sharks
Joseph Tanner, a trauma nurse, instructed bystanders to use the leash of his surfboard as a tourniquet until EMS arrived
Although the boy suffered deep wounds to his foot, his injuries were not life threatening