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Paid and volunteer firefighters worked together to answer hundreds of calls for rescues
Detailing the US&R system in Florida, challenges faced by SAR crews, and lessons learned from the catastrophic incident
4 hard-won lessons in preparing for natural disaster recovery from a medic who weathered Hurricane Laura
The marina’s owner adjusted services to meet first responders’ needs, such as keeping the fuel dock open 24/7 and opening the cafe for most of the day
Divers sent to work beneath the bridge debris and container ship will encounter challenging conditions, including limited visibility and moving currents
Maryland first responders are transitioning to a recovery operation to find six men who were filling potholes on the Francis Scott Key Bridge when it collapsed
Debris found during the search for the vessel “is consistent with a catastrophic implosion of the vessel,” said Rear Adm. John Mauger
The NFL player has been recovering since collapsing during a game, going into cardiac arrest, and being treated
The “Avengers” actor was towing his nephew’s truck when the 14,330-pound Snowcat ran him over
Linda Messo had just finished a CPR refresher course when she saw Michael Cacciopolli, who vomited and fell unconscious
A 91-year-old patient died and a 36-year-old paramedic was severely injured when flames engulfed the back of the ambulance in a hospital parking lot
EMT Richard McMahon praised his partner’s response and said he expects to undergo “a lot of physical therapy but also emotional therapy”
A crowd of about 150 firefighters, EMTs, hospital staffers and members of Staten Island motorcycle clubs greeted Richard McMahon as he exited the facility
The Ulster Hose Company No. 5 crew was removing a patient from the vehicle when it rolled backward, causing broken bones and facial injuries
The Salt River Fire Department has “a rotation right now where our guys are standing by at the hospital nonstop until he wakes up,” said Capt. Ray Martinez
Firefighter-EMT John McMaster was released from the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Shock Trauma Center and greeted by waiting colleagues
“I just feel like I’m here for a reason,” said John Foster, who spent two months in the ICU, heavily sedated and on a ventilator
Rescue workers and families mourn together, honoring those lost in the condo collapse
Recovery Centers of America officials say the program is the first of its kind in Indiana
Peer recovery specialists and a community paramedic offer patients paths to treatment after overdose calls
North Spartanburg Firefighter-EMT Don Johnson was first put on a ventilator in November
New Britain EMS is coordinating with social services and homeless outreach workers for a new citywide campaign
Suffield EMT John Ryan shared the story of his illness and recovery at a virtual news conference after receiving his vaccine
Crozer EMS Lt. Nick Scull sustained serious injuries in the October crash with a school bus
Kurt Busch will display the name of Paramedic Bernard Robinson, a regional director for Northwell Health’s Center for EMS in New York, on his car as he races in the Xfinity 500 this weekend
Lakeland Paramedic Steve Connors spent nearly a year receiving treatment for Guillain-Barré syndrome, a disorder that caused him to become paralyzed and experience extreme pain
Crozer Health Paramedic Lt. Nick Cull was released from a rehabilitation center Friday after suffering serious injures in the crash with a school bus
EMT Melissa Yorlets Negley’s daughter Haley has requested birthday cards as she continues to recover from the February accident
Some living in the area where the Valor Station is planned to be built have strongly opposed having the substance abuse and PTSD recovery center in the community