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Fass leaves a legacy of contributions to EMS health and fitness, safety and readiness
Beebe had powerful beliefs about EMS, the provision of EMS education, lifelong learning and professionalism which we can continue to advance
Why would a successful trauma surgeon with a lovely wife and 3 young children volunteer to serve in Iraq? I’ll tell you why in John’s own words
Foxwall EMS Chief Tony Cuda started in EMS as a teenager and quickly became a paramedic
Louisville EMS highlights Paramedic Don Scheer’s last act of service after his sudden death
Eureka Fire-Rescue EMS Manager Shannon McKruit was described as a mom to many in the department
PrideStar Trinity EMS employee Robert Laflamme is remembered for his dedication to public safety and the lives he touched
Buchanan County EMS Director, Dr. Scott Hall was killed when the utility vehicle he was driving overturned
Mickey McCabe had undergone a double-lung replacement in 2016 due to the dust he inhaled in the 9/11 attacks
Norell was widely known for his “Station 51, KMG365" line in most episodes
Brandon Tysinger, a paramedic with Brunswick County EMS, succumbed to his injuries over the weekend
Natick Firefighter-Paramedic Jake John Francis Feeney IV, 30, is remembered as “kind, strong and true” and a “conscientious hard worker”
Jack Stout’s innovations changed the way people thought about EMS
Beebe was struck by a minivan on May 26 and received initial on-scene care from two of his students